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Folliero’s Pizza

Folliero’s Pizza • Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

 — via Down the Street Designs


Smart and spot on.

 — via Burnt Toast Creative

Increase Your Brain Power

For the Wall Street Journal illustrating ‘101 Ways to Live, Work and Goof Off More’.

 — via Steve Scott

Virtual Reality - Mikynung

What a beautiful color palette! The light texture is also admirable.

 — via Mikyung Lee

Expo - Bakken & Bæck

Super nice simplicity!

 — via Timo Kuilder

Big Game Tomorrow

Love the light spot and detail.

 — via Joanna Ławniczak

The Castle from the Kingdom of the Sun

The stencil like technique to put leaves in the trees is something I like.

 — via Adamastor Studio

The Moving Generation

Illustration about the moving generation and its long-term effects.

 — via Amanda Berglund

‘Big Data’ Cover Illustration

Beautiful illustration and great idea for a not so easy theme!

 — via Charlie Davis

Watching a Boat

Special fall like colors. The tiles also feature a great pattern.

 — via Charlie Davis

Summer Day vs Summer Night

It may be almost Winter here but this illustration sums up the Summer we had nicely.

 — via Jack Bedford

Venture Into The Woods

Venture into the woods through the fantastical illustrations of Vivian Mineker.

 — via Brown Paper Bag