Geeky bits

What's behind this blog? Every site I create stands on hours of intense concentration, technical expertise, and my love of design challenges. A personal site, though, is something special: a chance to open the windows wide and let in some fresh air, an opportunity to express myself—to play a bit as I work.

I'm an all-web woman. I'm proud to say I designed, coded, and implemented every pixel you see on these pages.


Here's a little gift for the geeks who like to track the totals. This site:

  • Powers 9 weblogs or channels running ExpressionEngine 2.1
  • Is based on 12 different HTML template pages
  • Has 5 RSS feeds
  • Uses 11 CSS stylesheets (special theming not included)
  • Was created using more than 5 different applications
  • Came to life after more than 300 hours of labor (actually I lost count) during weekends, mostly on Sunday


They're like extensions of our arms and minds, aren't they? I used:

  • An Apple MacPro 2x 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
  • Adobe ® Illustrator to create the logo and the main header "girl" illustration
  • Adobe ® Illustrator and Adobe ® Photoshop to make the archive icon
  • Adobe ® Photoshop to design the rest of the site
  • The fabulous MacRabbit products, CSSEdit and Espresso, to do markup and coding


Ah, we geeks crave the techy stuff, don't we? The site is built on:


Designers love all the juicy details about gorgeous, functional type. You'll see:

  • Neutraface by House Industries for the main heading
  • Lucida Grande as default body text
  • Century Gothic for bigger headings and subheadings
  • An original typeface I created in Illustrator for the title of my blog in the header



I couldn't have done this or any other site without the help of my life partner Geert. He's my biggest source of inspiration and motivation. His gifted insight guided me—and this blog—in the right direction.


Beautiful graphic design and well-crafted layouts fall apart if the words don't speak the same language. This blog's pixels wouldn't look as polished without the text and suggestions of the talented Carolyn Wood.

jQuery Scripting

I did the basic jQuery scripting myself and also implemented a few special techniques (as described above) including Masonry and Conversations for ExpressionEngine. However, a few more advanced areas, such as the Lifestream, were implemented by expert Yves Van Broekhoven, whose wonderful work helped me add some inventive features.


My thanks to Derek Jones, "King of the lab" at EllisLab who was always there to answer my questions during the implementation of this blog, using the 2.0 public beta version of ExpressionEngine.


Many thanks also to Nevin Lyne from EngineHosting, my preferred hosting partner that takes care of everything that goes on behind the scenes and keeps this blog running smoothly.


I couldn't have fixed my RSS issues without the awesome help of Leevi Graham. If you are on the lookout for some excellent ExpressionEngine CMS addons, plugins, modules, extensions & themes you should check out Leevi's site.