Belgian Graphic Design

We are, by nature, a modest people; we've done little to move our cultural identity beyond the clichés about us. Yet, throughout the history of print and, later, graphic design, we've amassed a formidable body of work: elegant to quirky and playful, edgy and modern to gloriously antiquarian. Here I'll be promoting and archiving historical and current work that is proudly and distinctly Belgian. Enjoy! Follow The Belgian Graphic Design Stream via RSS

Experience Artwork

Experience Artwork by Mario De Meyer, 2016

A visual for the ‘Experience’  Adobe seminar at the Cannes Lions Festival 2016.

Source: DM2 Graphics

Europe City

Europe City by Jeremie Claeys, 2016

Press illustration // Europa City.

Source: Jeremie Claeys

2cv Dyane camping

2cv Dyane camping by Peter Goes, 2016

Some cute details to discover in this artwork. I especially like how the 2cv dyane is drawn.

Source: Peter Goes


Yoga by Sarah Vanbelle, 2014

Small yoga icon for Knack Weekend. Happy Tree Pose!

Source: Sarah Vanbelle


Treehouse by Astrid Yskout, 2013


Source: Astrid Yskout

Mort Subite

Mort Subite by Bowling, 2015

Packaging for Mort Subite.

Source: Bowling


Otto by Jacques & Lise, 2015

I really love the idea!

Source: Jacques & Lise

Buscemi at Red & Blue

Buscemi at Red & Blue by Jelle Maréchal, 2015

Poster for music event in Antwerp.

Source: Jelle Maréchal

Your Selection

Your Selection by Brecht Vandenbroucke, 2014

Love the creative humor in this one.

Source: Brecht Vandenbroucke

When Minds Collide

When Minds Collide by Klaas Verplancke, 2014

Cover artwork for thematic issue on conflicts.

Source: Klaas Verplancke

Stellar Park Branding

Stellar Park Branding by Thomas Harmel, 2015

Beautiful branding work for a fictional theme park.

Source: Thomas Harmel

The Qontinent

The Qontinent by French Toast, 2015

Great poster.

Source: French Toast