Back in 2010, I wrote this same tutorial, but back then Illustrator didn't have a Pattern 'tool'. The possibilities to create patterns was way more limited. The option I suggested then was to create a Symbol from the pattern fragment and then use instances of this symbol to cover the entire space. Today we have Pattern Mode to play and experiment with. It's one of Illustrator's features of I'm rather fond of.

Before diving back into Craft CMS I wanted to take a creative break to play around with the Font Lovers Bundle that I bought recently. More after the jump.

Another useful 3 part case study. This time it's about redesigning Webflow. This is part one that handles the question 'why redesign?'

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A case study by Sara Soueidan on the upcoming new web site from Smashing Magazine. Lovely write-up with some deeper insight into the choices that are being made.

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